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Kontor, kontorshotell uthyres i Göteborg Lundby

6 - 800 m2 kontor, kontorshotell i Göteborg Lundby uthyres


Right now we have a couple of free slots in the studio. There will also be a larger area available from 1st of April (about 10 seats) to host a smaller company or collective. Interested? Send a message to [email protected] The studio is located on the former island Ringön in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's an old industrial area which today is a mix of workshops, mechanics, garages, creative companies, inventors, musicians and more. The studio holds 800m2 of office and studio space including a film studio, sound studio, a garment micro factory and a tiny rain forest. The rent is between 1 800 - 2 800 SEK + VAT / person / month

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